Our school was founded in 1928 and came under the leadership of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions.
The Order of Our Lady of the Missions was founded by Sister Euphrasie Barbier. Originally from France, she wanted her sisters to be straightforward people without grand pretensions. She wanted simplicity of hospitality and welcome and a special quality in relationships.

One way in which we pay tribute to our founding order is through our school house teams, named Euphraise, Lyon and Vitalis. Fierce competition for house points is common!
Our School has a unique charism that sets it apart from all other Catholic schools. The Mission Sister believed:
  • Mission is everywhere.
  • Gospel is proclaimed by life witness.
  • Providing service to others in our schools, particularly to those in need, socially and financially.
  • Providing service to others in our community and country.
  • Providing Global outreach.
Our motto “Through Faith We Shine” stresses the need for students to follow the life of the Missions' Sisters who lead a life of goodness, providing education and knowledge for many generations of students at Our Lady Star of the Sea School. We have been providing a unique education for our students for close to 100 years and cherish our special association with our founders.
Sister Euphraise, 1829-1893
Original school, 1928