Our School

Who are we?
Our Lady Star of the Sea is a State Integrated Catholic Primary School in the suburb of Sumner, Christchurch for pupils from New Entrant to Year 8. The culture and curriculum reflect our special Catholic character. We aim to prepare our children for life by providing an education within a caring environment.
All classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids including large TV screens and we have a combination of school owned and BYO devices from Year 3-8.

All classes and the library have remote access to the large screens for teachers to model learning from their devices and the ability for pupils to share their learning directly from the class iPads or their own devices.
Vertical Classroom Structure
The school is currently divided into three classes covering Years 0-2 in St Francis Class, Years 3-4 in St Patrick Class and Years 5-8 in St Cecilia Class. 

Teaching is carried out in traditional 'single cell' classrooms. This is a luxury compared to the modern large learning environments currently delivered in larger State schools. No open plan 'barn-style' learning with too many children and multiple staff in one space here! We note independent private schools take a similar approach to us in this respect.

We have an exceptional teaching team who ensure that every child develops irrespective of their ability. Each child is nurtured and the "whole child" is developed intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically.
We have a fully equipped library, two teacher aide rooms, a good sized grassed area with football goals and rugby posts, a playground, a tennis court and gardens with outdoor areas for relaxing and teaching. All this just a few blocks from gorgeous Scarborough Beach where we often take the children for off-site learning opportunities.
Special Character
The school encourages all pupils and families to be part of our Christian community. We begin each day in class with class prayers and have regular prayer liturgies before assembly where each class has the opportunity to lead the liturgy and assembly.

Classes attend Mass on a rotating roster each Thursday morning and Sunday School Mass is held once each term with the parish. The school values programme and religious education are delivered in an integrated approach with the rest of the curriculum.
We offer a very diverse curriculum where our children participate in Music, Visual Art, Drama, Cultural activities as well as the conventional learning areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our curriculum areas are integrated into diverse learning experiences that draw on our unique community and environment.
Our pupil’s achievement and well being are at the heart of the school’s work; it’s what we do and we love it!

For a prospectus please contact the office at: office@ourladystar.school.nz.
Art and music are very important parts of learning. Our school provides music education through inquiry learning time and within the religious education programme. In addition to this, music and dance lessons are available during school hours on-site via private teachers.

We have a part-time Sports Coordinator who manages our students' PE needs. Fitness and sporting activities in our programme include: athletics, swimming, football, rugby, tennis, netball, hockey, golf and many others. Additional sports, such as dance, music and skateboarding, are available on-site via private tutors. Our children regularly participate in sporting competitions with other schools and often punch above their weight!  We host an annual ski trip for our year 5-8 pupils which the children, staff (and parents!) really enjoy.